Here’s the Top 13 most influential brands at CES 2023 on Twitter, ranked by number of retweets with our home made really simple algorithm there.

We chose the amount of retweets instead of impressions because we noticed that some brands had bought views in large numbers (but not RTs), which would have significantly distorted the results.

The brand “CES” is not in this ranking there just because as organizer they are obviously “Hall of Fame” here! And thanks to them for having welcomed us and all so well during this CES 2023 which was a great success in this post covid period.
  1. Amazon FR Twitter: @AmazonNewsFR | RTs: 1717 |
  2. 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Twitter: @3DEXPERIENCELab | RTs1670 |
  3. Meta Materials Inc. (META®) Twitter: @Metamaterialtec | RTs1571 |
  4. Togg Twitter: @Togg2022 | RTs1330 |
  5. Lenovo Twitter: @Lenovo | RTs804 |
  6. ipfconline Twitter: @ipfconline1 | RTs665 |
  7. Htc Vive Twitter: @htcvive | RTs383 |
  8. Linus Tech Tips Twitter: @LinusTech | RTs: 377 |
  9. Asus Twitter: @ASUS | RTs269 |
  10. Mercedes-Benz Twitter: @MercedesBenz | RTs237 |
  11. Holoride Twitter: @holoride | RTs233 |
  12. AMD Twitter: @AMD | RTs221 |
  13. Razer Twitter: @Razer | RTs171 |
Among the most outstanding trends we have observed at CES 2023 are:
AI, Machine Learning & Big Data
– the Web3
– + Digital & Virtual Twins

We analyzed the number of Retweets for brands over the CES 2023 period, from January 5 to 8, 2023, using CES-related hashtags.


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