Since we entered this horrible Covid-19 health crisis and an unprecedented economic crisis seems to be looming on the horizon, the use of Digital at all levels of society has taken on crucial importance. And the Cloud is spearheading this burgeoning digital transformation. It is therefore increasingly important to adopt clear and robust cyber security protocols. I experienced this myself when I helped counter the vile cyber attacks that hit hospitals in France in March and April. Cyber attacks in these cases can be likened to war attacks, and it is clear that the paramount importance of security in relation to cloud computing and servers is obvious.

So Today, I wanted to share with you a particularly interesting report since it concerns the Cloud security approach; it is the 3rd edition of the annual “Oracle / KPMG Cloud Threat Report” and it highlights a certain number of lessons related to Cloud cybersecurity issues, and in particular to the vagueness in which ISSM/CISOs find themselves to manage Cloud Risk and to Maintain Security Compliance.

There are some particularly noteworthy data. Selected pieces:

Data protection inherited from old security models no longer adequate

– 78% of companies use more than 50 different cyber security solutions to prevent security problems and 37% use more than 100.

IT professionals use a range of cyber security solutions to try to solve problems related to the security of their data. However, they are constantly confronted with new security vulnerabilities because existing systems are very often misconfigured.

Some of the most common misconfigurations include :
o Accounts with superfluous privileged access (37%)
o Exposed web servers and other servers with saturated streams (35%)
o Lack of multiple authentications to access key services (33%)

– Only 8% of IT Security Managers (ISMs) say they fully understand the shared responsibility security model of cloud services.

– 87% of IT professionals consider Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as critical technology investments for their company’s security.

To have a Deeper Look into Cloud Security Threats, here you have the full report : Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020

___________________________________________________________________   Special thanks to Bastien Rousseau for his precious help for this article. Infographic courtesy of Oracle and KPMG.

Pierre Pinna
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