19 Children and 2 Adults Killed in Massacre in may 2022 at Texas Elementary School.

“When, for God’s sake, are we going to confront the gun lobby?”, said Joe Biden, saying too he was “sick and tired” of the blockage of part of theUS political class, which refuses to regulate gun sales.

I used to talk about artificial intelligence &é the ethics that must be associated with it… AI is created by humans… like weapons… we’re on the same subject!
We need to obviously regulate AI algorithms so that they are not harmful to us humans… but apparently in the US that doesn’t seem to be the case when we replace AI with weapons… catastrophic!!
Just some evidence:
1/ Research on the subject across US is clear: the greater the number of firearms in circulation, the greater the increase in firearm violence. States with a large proportion of their population owning firearms have homicide rates that are 114% higher than those with a less armed population.

2/ Restrictions on the purchase of firearms have proven to be effective.
A review of the scientific literature from Harvard University’s Violence Prevention Research Center indicates that the availability of access to firearms is a well-established risk factor in numerous studies. Both men and women are at greater risk of being victims of firearm homicide in places where there are more guns.
Similarly, a review of 130 studies published in 10 different countries indicates that scientific work since 1950 has established the effectiveness of legal restrictions on firearm deaths when adopted early.
Conversely, studies indicate that allowing “stand your ground” laws or laws that reduce control over gun purchases may increase the homicide rate.
Opponents of any regulation often point to other factors to explain gun violence, such as mental illness. However, this is not the case; people with mental disorders are more often victims of violence than perpetrators.
The work and simulations that have been conducted also show that gun ownership does not enable people who own or carry guns to defend themselves or stop a serial killer. Gun owners largely fail to defend themselves in such situations before being killed.

3/ The availability of firearms increases the number of suicides among young people, for whom it is established that it represents a major risk factor.

AI Ethics and Weapons Regulation: Same Battle! Policy makers will have quickly to take their responsibilities if we really want to move towards a better world for all, and not only towards a world where the quest for more dollars in the pocket of a few is what governs our society…

Pierre Pinna
IPFConline Digital Innovations CEO & Speaker Artificial Intelligence Engineer (Natural Language Processing Specialist) Economics of Innovation & most of all: responsible AI must be the norm! And I'll be there to advocate it!