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50 Top Global Digital Experts & Influencers to Follow in 2024
January, 26 - 2024 Tech News - Trends Pierre Pinna

Here’s is our 2024 edition of 50 Top Global Digital Influencers to Follow on X (formelly Twitter) & LinkedIn in 2024 [selection from our home made algorithm, but no ranking this year! For sure better like this :)]. This list is of course non exhaustive.

50 Top Global Digital Influencers to Follow on X (formelly Twitter) & LinkedIn in 2024

(This list is covering major Topics around the global economic & technical Digital Transformation, such as: Large Language Models (LLMs), Climate Action, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI Ethics - Responsible AI, IoT (Internet of Things)IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Autonomous VehiclesDigital & Health TechCloud & Edge ComputingSmart CitiesRobots/Bots/Chatbots/NLP, Future of WorkData ScienceFintech, Insurtech, DevOps, Edtech, Cyber Security, VR & AR, Sustainablity, Environment, Climate Change, Blockchain, Metaverse, Quantum Computing, Web3, Crypto, Science, Coding, Python, …)

(“Giant” companies are not in this list because they obviuosly don’t “play the same game” ;=)


Hope you’ll enjoy this list:) The important thing here is COLLABORATION: the ideas, knowledge, and insights shared by the experts, KOLs & tech influencers to make our new digital era more understandable to everyone and, above all, to work towards a better world.

  1. Eric Topol X (Twitter): @EricTopol | LinkedIn  | Health Tech – Digital Transformation
  2. John Nosta X (Twitter): @johnnosta | LinkedIn  | Health Tech
  3. Evan Kirstel X (Twitter): @evankirstel | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation - Health Tech
  4. Brian Ahier X (Twitter): @ahier | LinkedIn  | Health Tech – Science
  5. Timnit Gebru X (Twitter): @timnitGebru | LinkedIn  |  AI Ethics
  6. François Chollet X (Twitter): @fchollet | LinkedIn  | AI – Machine Learning
  7. Fei-Fei Li X (Twitter): @drfeifei | LinkedIn  | AI – Machine Learning
  8. Andrew Ng X (Twitter): @AndrewYNg | LinkedIn  | AI – Machine Learning
  9. Yann LeCun X (Twitter): @ylecun LinkedIn  | AI – Machine Learning
  10. Geoffrey Hinton X (Twitter): @geoffreyhinton | LinkedIn  | AI – Machine Learning
  11. Imtiaz Adam X (Twitter): @DeepLearn007 | LinkedIn  | AI – Machine Learning
  12. Lex Fridman X (Twitter): @lexfridman | LinkedIn  | Tech – AI – Machine Learning
  13. Kirk Borne X (Twitter): @KirkDBorne | LinkedIn  | AI – Data Science – Big Data
  14. KdNuggets X (Twitter)r: @kdnuggets |  LinkedIn  | AI – Data Science – Big Data
  15. Bill Schmarzo X (Twitter) @schmarzo | LinkedIn  | Data Science – Big Data – AI
  16. Carla Gentry X (Twitter): @data_nerd LinkedIn  | Data Science – Big Data – AI
  17. Bob Hayes X (Twitter) @bobehayes | LinkedIn  | Data Science – Machine Learning
  18. Sally Eaves X (Twitter): @sallyeaves | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  19. Marc Benioff X (Twitter): @Benioff | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  20. Jean-Baptiste Lefevre X (Twitter): @jblefevre60 | LinkedIn | Digital Transformation
  21. Vala Afshar X (Twitter): @ValaAfshaLinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  22. Antonio Grasso X (Twitter): @antgrasso LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  23. Spiros Margaris X (Twitter): @SpirosMargaris LinkedIn | Fintech – AI
  24. Theodora (Theo) Lau X (Twitter): @psb_dc LinkedIn  | Fintech – Responsible AI
  25. Brett King X (Twitter)@BrettKing LinkedIn  | Fintech
  26. Mia Shah-Dand X (Twitter): @MiaD | LinkedIn  |  AI Ethics - Diversity Inclusion
  27. Jim Marous X (Twitter): @JimMarous | LinkedIn  | Fintech – Digital Transformation
  28. Pinna Pierre X (Twitter): @pierrepinna | LinkedIn  | AI Ethics – Digital Transformation
  29. Irma Rastegayeva X (Twitter): @irmaraste | LinkedIn  | Health Tech
  30. Data Science Central X (Twitter): @analyticbridge | LinkedIn  | AI – Data Science
  31. Linda Grasso X (Twitter): @LindaGrass0 | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  32. Roxana Nasoi X (Twitter) @roxananasoi | LinkedIn  | Cybersecurity Privacy
  33. Danielle Guzman X (Twitter): @guzmand LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation - Future of Work
  34. Antonio Vieira Santos X (Twitter): @akwyz | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation Tech Sustainablity
  35. ipfconline X (Twitter): @ipfconline1 | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation – AI
  36. Nicolas Babin X (Twitter)@Nicochan33 | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation – AI
  37. Mario Pawlowski X (Twitter): @PawlowskiMario LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  38. Ronald van Loon X (Twitter) @Ronald_vanLoon LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  39. Tamara McCleary X (Twitter) @TamaraMcCleary | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation Ethics
  40. Helene Li X (Twitter): @helene_wpli | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  41. Marsha Collier X (Twitter) @MarshaCollier | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation Marketing
  42. Xavier Gomez  X (Twitter) @Xbond49 | LinkedIn  | Fintech – Insurtech – AI
  43. Robin Kiera X (Twitter): @stratorob | LinkedIn  | Fintech – Insurtech
  44. Shira Rubinoff X (Twitter)  @Shirastweet | LinkedIn  | Cyber Security
  45. Harold Sinnott X (Twitter) @HaroldSinnott | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  46. Efi Pylarinou X (Twitter): @efipm | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation - Fintech
  47. Stephen Harwood X (Twitter) @drsharwood  | LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  48. Khulood Almani X (Twitter) @Khulood_Almani  | LinkedIn  |  Digital Transformation
  49. Cristina Vanberghen X (Twitter) @VanberghenEU  LinkedIn  | Digital Transformation
  50. Data Science Dojo X (Twitter): @DataScienceDojo  | LinkedIn  | AI – Data Science


And finally a special crush for Karin Lakhoune & Hessie Jones, we all need a special crush :)

Current (and near-term) strong trends in Tech we have observed:
–The Metaverse was leading last year, and with no doubt in 2024 Large Language Models (LLMs "ChatGPT-like") Transformers-based take center stage!
but also:
Towards a responsible future : AI Ethics, Responsible AI , Climate Emergency, Equity / Diversity / Inclusion
– Cyber Security
– Health Tech / Digital Health
and Quantum Computing

We analyzed on stochastic samples the keywords mentioned at the beginning of the article (the fields of digital transformation) on Internet and Twitter between January 2023 and the end of November 2023. This analysis was done using a home made NLP algorithm written by our team, mainly in Prolog (yes, there are still people who use Prolog ;)). The main structure of the algorithm is a decision tree and so the AI here is “symbolic” because Prolog is a programming language based on mathematical logic. Thus it allows very simple queries to be made in natural “human” language. This choice was made to obtain a high interpretability of the results obtained by the analysis. Here there are also humans in the loop (our team obviously in this case) to establish weights on the decision trees. Biases, as with any algorithm, are certainly present here but we tried to reduce them to a minimum. Concerning X (Twitter) & LinkedIn, we took into account the potential reach and the engagement.

Take care everyone :)